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A Battle of WheelsSeason One, Episode Twenty One

A Battle of Wheels (1992) | Home Improvement

A Battle of Wheels

On This Episode of Home Improvement…

Not wanting to spend her time in the dank basement, Jill has moved her pottery wheel into the garage, in order to better channel her creative energy. This comes to the chagrin of Tim who claims the garage to be his domain – the man’s domain. The argument quickly arises over who’s time and interests are more important, and Jill attempts to schedule blocks of time for each of them to occupy the garage.

Meanwhile, on Tool Time, Al has become disgruntled over Tim’s constant joking and making fun of him on the air, and claims that anyone can do what Tim does. Tim, wounded by this, poses that on the next episode they switch positions: Al hosts while Tim assists.

On This Episode of Grunt Work…

Truman and Landen discuss locational gender divide within the household, take a surprising stance with Team Tim, and bask in the glory that is the role reversal on Tool Time.

Episode Cast

Earl Hindman | Home ImprovementEarl Hindman
Jonathan Taylor ThomasJonathan Taylor Thomas
Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson
Patricia RichardsonPatricia Richardson
Richard Karn | Home ImprovementRichard Karn
Taran Noah SmithTaran Noah Smith
Tim AllenTim Allen
Zachery Ty Bryan | Home ImprovementZachery Ty Bryan

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