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A Taylor Runs Through ItSeason 5, Episode 1

A Taylor Runs Through It (1995) | Home Improvement

A Taylor Runs Through It

Jill’s favorite cousin is getting married in Traverse City, and the entire Taylor family is excited for the trip… just for different reasons. Tim and the boys look forward to a sweekend of fly fishing, water skiing and off-roading, while Jill wants to send her cousin off with a loving tribute. 

However, when Tim finally convinces Jill to let loose, she ends up broken and battered and embarrassed to speak at the wedding.

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This week on Grunt Work: Nights (our Patreon exclusive supplemental show) Truman and Landen discuss they unwind – spoiler, one of them can’t and one of them doesn’t need to! – so sit back, relax, and pull up your chamber room armchair and snifter of cognac.

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