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About Grunt Work

Does everybody know what time it is?

Maybe you’re asking, “Why Home Improvement?”

Allow us to retort: “Why not?”

In the 1990’s, Home Improvement was one of the most successful shows on television, and Tim Allen one of the biggest stars in the world. Oh how times have changed. Today, Home Improvement is one of the few pieces of ‘90s pop culture that hasn’t been dissected ad nauseam by avid fans.

Until now.

Grunt Work is a podcast hosted by Truman Capps and Landen Celano that follows their quest to watch all 203 episodes of Home Improvement, or die trying. Equal parts critique and appreciation, they break down and unpack the show’s themes, characters and plots, all while questioning what it really means to be a man.

NSFW Lite: Sporadic language and adult themes.

I Don’t Think So, Tim

You don’t need to watch Home Improvement to listen to Grunt Work.

Truman and Landen have tasked themselves with watching the entire series and relaying each episode to you, in exacting, hilarious detail. The guys cook up fan theories, keep various running tallies, and provide the occasional bit of trivia.

Home Improvement aired during an impressionable and transformative time for Truman and Landen, so rewatching the show has already unearthed some long-buried memories and personal revelations. Before long, you’ll learn more than you ever knew you wanted to about your hosts.

You’re Darn Right “More Power”!

New episodes are released every Tuesday at 10:00AM, PST.

Grunt Work is available on all of your favorite podcatchers. You can also stream episodes directly from the Grunt Work website. Which is here. Where you’re reading this. You probably already knew that.

Well, Howdy There, Neighbor

Truman and Landen are pop culture aficionados who grew up on television shows, movies, comic books, regular books, irregular books, music, and video games.

Truman Capps grew up in Oregon and moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to be a big shot Hollywood screenwriter. Yes, he has seen The Truman Show. When he’s not writing, watching TV or talking into a microphone about watching TV, he’s either eating or asleep – although he sometimes eats while watching TV.

Landen Celano is a former standup comic from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, and now resides in Los Angeles. He grew up watching Home Improvement, and even attended the world premiere of The Santa Clause. His life hasn’t been the same since – mostly because change is perpetual and everything is in a constant state of transition.