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Audio Commentary: My Dinner with WilsonSeason 4, Episode 9

My Dinner with Wilson (1994) | Home Improvement

Audio Commentary: My Dinner with Wilson

Get those DVD players poised and your remotes ready to go, it’s time for another interactive audio commentary! We’ve chosen the fan favorite episode My Dinner with Wilson, which gives us a chance to dive in to the life of our favorite face-covered neighbor.

What is an interactive commentary? Unlike most commentary tracks which are married to the image, with the podcast space, we are able to pause and continue our commentary to speak more in-depth. Time no longer matters. We’re essentially a couple of Doctor Who’s up in here.

This episode is designed to be listened to on its own or with the visual component. If you’re watching along with our commentary, here are the pause points:

04:31 – Wide shot of Tim, Randy, and Brad by the front door of the Taylor house
08:04 – Wide shot of Wilson’s dining area
21:12 – Coming out of commercial break, Wilson blowing into conch shell


It’s Thanksgiving! and Wilson has invited the Taylors over for a feast. However, when a home appraiser accidentally shows up at the Taylor’s house, it’s revealed that Wilson is considering selling. When they ask him about it, Wilson explains that he is considering holding up a vow to his late wife by moving to Ecuador where they originally met and fell in love. But, he finds that maybe, just maybe, talking about her to others is a way to keep her memory alive.

Also, Tim tries to get a dead rat out of the wall.

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