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Audio Commentary: Roomie for Improvement

Roomie For Improvement (1992) | Home Improvement

Audio Commentary: Roomie for Improvement

Cue up your old VCRs, hit Top Menu on your DVD remotes, pop in your laserdiscs, and open up your favorite streaming service. It’s time for our first ever Audio Commentary!

As voted by you, our Twitter Gruntheads, we are covering Roomie for Improvement, in which Tim must temporarily stay with Al while Mark recovers from the chickenpox. In fact, the episode tied in votes with Haunting of Taylor House, but won the electoral vote by having more grunts.

This is our first experiment with this sort of conceptual episode, so please leave us some feedback!

Audio Commentary Instructions

This commentary starts at the beginning of the episode, so be aware if the service on which you’re viewing has studio logos beforehand (ala Hulu). Likewise, this commentary does not account for commercials. If your service has commercials, simply pause this commentary until the episode commences.

This commentary is interactive! At times the commentary will instruct you to pause the screen in order to give you greater detail and extended goofers.

Where to Pause

Backyard – As Wilson grills behind his side of the fence.

Al’s Apartment – As Tim sits on stool, just as Al disappears into the bathroom

Taylor House – Just returning from the commercial break, Mark lies on the couch in the foreground

Tool Time – Right after Tim introduces Mario and Michael Andretti, a wide-shot.

Episode Cast

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