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Chicago HopeSeason 5, Episode 9

Chicago Home (1995) | Home Improvement

Chicago Hope

Tim is obsessed over developing new ideas to pitch to an affiliate with the hopes of acquiring a time slot in Chicago. But this has put a cramp in his and Jill’s love life, as they haven’t had sexy times in a month. To help rectify this, they agree to go away on a romantic weekend to an authentic Japanese hotel – however Bud decides to schedule the affiliate meeting at the same time in the hotel’s bar, and Tim is afraid to tell Jill.

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This week on Grunt Work: Nights (our Patreon exclusive supplemental show) by request, Truman and Landen discuss languages! Landen wanted to do the entire episode in Klingon, but Truman vetoed the idea in favor of English. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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