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Death Begins at FortySeason 4, Episode 3

Death Begins at Forty (1994) | Home Improvement

Death Begins at Forty

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) is about to turn 40, and is looking forward to celebrating with a massive steak and some vigorous lovemaking with Jill (Patricia Richardson). But when one of his friends at the hardware store suffers a heart attack, Tim becomes paranoid about his health and begins taking extreme precautions, such as eating vegetables and lean meats. When Wilson (Earl Hindman) reveals to Tim that he himself suffered a heart attack 15 years ago, and explains how the experience encouraged him to live life to the fullest, he decides to go back to his old ways. Meanwhile, on Tool Time, Tim and Al (Richard Karn) use a state-of-the-art shrink ray to become four inches tall and take a field trip inside the engine of a dysfunctional hot rod.

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