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That's My Momma

Season 5, Episode 11

That's My Momma (1995) | Home Improvement

Doctor in the House

Season 5, Episode 10

Doctor in the House (1995) | Home Improvement

Chicago Hope

Season 5, Episode 9

Chicago Home (1995) | Home Improvement

Room Without a View

Season 5, Episode 8

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

The Look

Season 5, Episode 7

The Look (1995) | Home Improvement

Let Them Eat Cake

Season 5, Episode 6

Let Them Eat Cake (1995) | Home Improvement

Advise and Repent

Season 5, Episode 5

Advise and Repent (1995) | Home Improvement

Jill's Surprise Party

Season 5, Episode 4

Jill's Surprise Party (1995) | Home Improvement

Her Cheatin' Mind

Season 5, Episode 3

Her Cheatin' Mind (1995) | Home Improvement

The Last Temptation of Tim

Season 5, Episode 2

The Last Temptation of Tim (1995) | Home Improvement

A Taylor Runs Through It

Season 5, Episode 1

A Taylor Runs Through It (1995) | Home Improvement

Bye Bye Birdie with Briggon Snow! (Re-Broadcast)

Season Two, Episode Eighteen

Bye Bye Birdie (1993) | Home Improvement

Season 4 Super Spectacular!

Season 4, Episode 28

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Grunt Work Nights Sampler

Season 4, Episode 27

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Audio Commentary: My Dinner with Wilson

Season 4, Episode 9

My Dinner with Wilson (1994) | Home Improvement

Man of the House

Season 4, Episode 26

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Wilson's Girlfriend

Season 4, Episode 25

Wilson's Girlfriend (1995) | Home Improvement

Grunt Work Mix Tape, Vol. 4

Season 4, Episode 25

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

A Marked Man

Season 4, Episode 24

A Marked Man (1995) | Home Improvement

Brothers and Sisters

Season 4, Episode 23

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Tool Time After Dark, Part II

Season 4, Episode 22

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Tool Time After Dark, Part I

Season 4, Episode 22

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

No No Gadot

Season 4, Episode 21

No No Gadot (1995) | Home Improvement

Talk to Me

Season 4, Episode 20

Talk to Me (1995) | Home Improvement

The Naked Truth

Season 4, Episode 19

The Naked Truth (1995) | Home Improvement

A House Divided

Season 4, Episode 18

A House Divided (1995) | Home Improvement

It's My Party

Season 4, Episode 17

It's My Party (1995) | Home Improvement

Bachelor of the Year

Season 4, Episode 16

Bachelor of the Year (1995) | Home Improvement

Super Bowl Fever

Season 4, Episode 15

Super Bowl Fever (1995) | Home Improvement

Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?

Season 4, Episode 14

Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?

The Route of All Evil

Season 4, Episode 13

The Route of All Evil (1995) | Home Improvement

The Santa Clause (Bonus Episode)

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Pod Therapy (Bonus Episode)

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Season 4, Episode 12

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

'Twas the Night Before Chaos

Season 4, Episode 12

Twas the Night Before Chaos (1994) | Home Improvement

Some Like It Hot Rod

Season 4, Episode 11

Some Like It Hot Rod (1994) | Home Improvement

Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher

Season 4, Episode 10

Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher (1994) | Home Improvement

My Dinner with Wilson

Season 4, Episode 9

My Dinner with Wilson (1994) | Home Improvement

Quibbling Siblings

Season 4, Episode 8

Quibbling Siblings (1994) | Home Improvement

Let's Go to the Videotape

Season 4, Episode 67

Let's Go to the Videotape (1994) | Home Improvement

Borland Ambition (with Luke Barnett)

Season 4, Episode 6

Borland Ambition (1994) | Home Improvement

He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible

Season 4, Episode 5

He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible (1994) | Home Improvement

The Eyes Have It

Season 4, Episode 4

The Eyes Have It (1994) | Home Improvement

Death Begins at Forty

Season 4, Episode 3

Death Begins at Forty (1994) | Home Improvement

Don't Tell Momma

Season 4, Episode 2

Don't Tell Momma (1994) | Home Improvement

Back in the Saddle Shoes Again

Season 4, Episode 1

Back in the Saddle Shoes Again (1994) | Home Improvement

Season 3 Super Spectacular!

Season Three, Episode Twenty-Five

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

The Great Race II

Season Three, Episode Twenty-Five

The Great Race II (1994) | Home Improvement

Reality Bytes

Season Three, Episode Twenty-Four

What You See Is What You Get

Season Three, Episode Twenty-Three

What You See Is What You Get (1994) | Home Improvement

Swing Time

Season Three, Episode Twenty-Two

Swing Time (1994) | Home Improvement

Fifth Anniversary

Season Three, Episode Twenty-One

Fifth Anniversary (1994) | Home Improvement

It Was the Best of Tims, It Was the Worst of Tims

Season Three, Episode Nineteen

Too Many Cooks

Season Three, Episode Nineteen

Too Many Cooks (1994) | Home Improvement

Eve of Construction

Season Three, Episode Eighteen

Room for Change

Season Three, Episode Seventeen

Room for Change (1994) | Home Improvement

The Colonel

Season Three, Episode Sixteen

Reel Men

Season Three, Episode Fifteen

Reel Men (1994) | Home Improvement

Dream On

Season Three, Episode Fourteen

Dream On (1994) | Home Improvement

Slip Sleddin' Away

Season Three, Episode Thirteen

Twas the Blight Before Christmas

Season Three, Episode Twelve

Twas the Blight Before Christmas (1993) | Home Improvement

Feud for Thought

Season Three, Episode Eleven

A Frozen Moment

Season Three, Episode Ten

A Frozen Moment (1993) | Home Improvement

Dollars and Sense

Season Three, Episode Nine

Dollars and Sense (1993) | Home Improvement

Be True to Your Tool

Season Three, Episode Eight

Be True To Your School (1993) | Home Improvement

Blow Up

Season Three, Episode Seven

Blow Up (1993) | Home Improvement

Crazy For You – Halloween Special!

Season Three, Episode Six

Crazy For You (1993) | Home Improvement

Arrivederci, Binford

Season Three, Episode Five

Arrivederci, Binford (1993) | Home Improvement

A Sew, Sew Evening

Season Three, Episode Four

A Sew, Sew Evening (1993) | Home Improvement

This Joke's For You

Season Three, Episode Three

This Joke's For You (1993) | Home Improvement

Aisle See You In My Dreams

Season Three, Episode Two

Aisle See You in My Dreams(1993) | Home Improvement

Maybe, Baby

Season Three, Episode One

Maybe, Baby (1993) | Home Improvement

Grunt Work Mixtape Vol. 2, Side A

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Season Two Super Spectacular! (Part II)

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Season Two Super Spectacular! (Part I)

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Audio Commentary: Roomie for Improvement

Roomie For Improvement (1992) | Home Improvement

The Great Race

Season Two, Episode Twenty-Five

The Great Race (1993) | Home Improvement

Birth of a Hot Rod

Season Two, Episode Twenty-Four

Birth of a Hot Rod (1993) | Home Improvement

Interview: John Pasquin

John Pasquin | Interview

To Build or Not to Build

Season Two, Episode Twenty-Three

To Build or Not to Build (1993) | Home Improvement

Ex Marks the Spot

Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two

Ex Marks the Spot (1993) | Home Improvement

Much Ado About Nana

Season Two, Episode Twenty-One

Much Ado About Nana (1993) | Home Improvement

Shooting Three to Make Tutu

Season Two, Episode Twenty

Shooting Three to Make Tutu (1993) | Home Improvement

Karate or Not, Here I Come

Season Two, Episode Nineteen

Karate or Not, Here I Come (1993) | Home Improvement

Bye Bye Birdie

Season Two, Episode Eighteen

Bye Bye Birdie (1993) | Home Improvement

You're Driving Me Crazy, You're Driving Me Nuts

Season Two, Episode Seventeen

You're Driving Me Crazy, You're Driving Me Nuts (1993) | Home Improvement

Dances with Tools

Season Two, Episode Sixteen

Dances With Tools (1993) | Home Improvement

Love Is a Many Splintered Thing

Season Two, Episode Fifteen

Love Is a Many Splintered Thing (1993) | Home Improvement

Howard's End

Season Two, Episode Fourteen

Howard's End (1993) | Home Improvement

Bell Bottom Blues

Season Two, Episode Thirteen

Bell Bottom Blues (1993) | Home Improvement

I'm Scheming of a White Christmas

Season Two, Episode Twelve

I'm Scheming of a White Christmas (1992) | Home Improvement

Abandoned Family

Season Two, Episode Eleven

Abandoned Family (1992) | Home Improvement

Let's Did Lunch

Season Two, Episode Ten

Let's Did Lunch (1992) | Home Improvement

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

Season Two, Episode Nine

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1992) | Home Improvement

May the Best Man Win

Season Two, Episode Eight

May the Best Man Win (1992) | Home Improvement

Roomie for Improvement

Season Two, Episode Seven

Roomie For Improvement (1992) | Home Improvement

Haunting of Taylor House

Season Two, Episode Six

Haunting of Taylor House (1992) | Home Improvement

Heavy Meddle

Season Two, Episode Five

Heavy Meddle (1992) | Home Improvement

Groin Pains

Season Two, Episode Four

Groin Pains (1992) | Home Improvement

Overactive Glance

Season Two, Episode Three

Overactive Glance (1992) | Home Improvement

Rites and Wrongs of Passage

Rites and Wrongs of Passage (1992) | Home Improvement

Tim bought tickets for him and the boys to see a good old-fashioned monster truck show -- but when a group of older boys at school begin encouraging Brad to pull pranks and run afoul of the police, Tim and Jill ground him and Tim forbids him to go see the monster trucks. In response, Brad gets even more mouthy and rebellious. Wilson explains to Tim that Brad is acting out because he's caught between adolescence and manhood, a situation tribal societies avoided by inducting boys with the rites of manhood. In response, Tim lets Brad use a blowtorch while working on their hot rod and anoints him with motor oil to celebrate his transformation into the 'man-child.' Meanwhile, Tim's mouth gets him in trouble when a local Scotsman challenges him to participate in the Kaber Toss at the local Highland games - an ancient Scottish tradition in which men pick up a giant log and throw it as far as they can. When a kilt-clad Tim attempts this at the games, he instead chucks the log clear through the window of Al's lovingly restored '84 Mercury Marquis station wagon.

Read My Hips

Season Two, Episode One

Read My Hips (1992) | Home Improvement

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) blows it big time when he goes out drinking with Al (Richard Karn) and the K&B Construction guys, missing a romantic dinner that Jill (Patricia Richardson) had planned to surprise him. In the fight that ensues when he returns home, Tim argues that Jill never told him she was making a romantic dinner, while Jill argues that Tim should have been able to pick up on her signals. Wilson (Earl Hindman) helps Tim understand by comparing his marriage to the engine of his hot rod - you have to listen carefully for any signs that the engine needs something. In response, Tim surprises Jill as "Fred" the telephone repairman, who fixes the "communication problems" in the house and is rewarded with some hot lovin'. On Tool Time, Tim and Al do a salute to job site safety. Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) inches awkwardly toward his first kiss with Jenny Sudarsky, which Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Mark (Taran Noah Smith) repeatedly try to spy on.

Season One Super Spectacular!

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art

Grunt Work Mixtape Vol. 1

Grunt Work Podcast | Cover Art


Season One, Episode Twenty-Four

Stereo-Typical (1992) | Home Improvement

In the season one finale, Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) blows out the family's stereo and buys a massive, high-tech, extremely complicated replacement that vexes Jill (Patricia Richardson) to no end. After hooking the stereo's controls up to The Clapper, Tim is unable to lower the volume and a soprano on one of Jill's opera recordings shatters every window in the house. In the aftermath, Jill prompts Tim to recall all the various ways he's been injured over the course of the season. On the set of "Tool Time," the K&B Construction guys make their triumphant return to debut their song "Rachet Rhapsody", played entirely on construction equipment. Tim dances. Al (Richard Karn) dances. Lisa (Pamela Anderson) dances. The crew dances. The audience dances. Indeed, as this first season of Home Improvement comes to a close, all are united in the shared language of dance and household maintenance.

Al's Fair in Love and War

Season One, Episode Twenty-Three

Al's Fair in Love and War (1992) | Home Improvement

Perennial bachelor Al Borland (Richard Karn) is caught off guard when his secret admirer Greta Post (Jennifer Nash) shows up for a "Tool Time" taping bearing a love letter. After a lifetime of being the caring, sensitive guy who girls would rather befriend than bed, Al turns to Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) for advice on how to win Greta's affections. Al's literal interpretation of Tim's advice results in a howling, bare-chested faux-pas, but Tim and Jill (Patricia Richardson) are able patch things up for Al and Greta. Around the Taylor house, Tim tries to find and read Jill's college diary, learning some scandalous details about her love life in the process.

Luck Be A Taylor Tonight

Season One, Episode Twenty Two

Luck Be A Taylor Tonight (1992) | Home Improvement

Tim Taylor's (Tim Allen) regular testosterone-fueled all-male poker night is threatened when one of the players - Charlie (Tom Verica), Tim's brother-in-law - gets into a terrible fight with his new wife (and Jill's sister) Robin (future Academy Award nominee Amy Ryan) that derails the whole evening. Downstairs around the card table, Tim and the guys try to counsel Charlie through his first marital spat. Upstairs, Jill does the same with Robin. With their help, the newlyweds make up and depart, leaving Tim's poker game one man short - until Jill takes Charlie's place at the table.

A Battle of Wheels

Season One, Episode Twenty One

A Battle of Wheels (1992) | Home Improvement

When Jill Taylor (Patricia Richardson) puts her pottery wheel in the garage, Tim (Tim Allen) finds that he can't focus on working on his hot rod while she's in there. After receiving some misguided advice from Wilson (Earl Hindman), Jill explains that pottery is important to her because she wants a life independent of Tim and the kids. On "Tool Time," Al Borland (Richard Karn) grows tired of Tim's constant jokes at his expense, pointing out that he's the expert who does all the hard work. To settle the debate, the two of them switch roles for a day on Tool Time, where Al finds that being the tool man is a lot harder than it looks.

Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor

Season One, Episode Twenty

Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor (1992) | Home Improvement

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) is shocked to learn that he and Jill (Patricia Richardson) are going to a fundraiser for the Detroit Opera. Tim accuses Jill of springing this on him, but Jill counters that she'd told him about it well in advance and he wasn't listening. Tim vents about this to a pair of retired autoworkers, Hick (Jack Elam) and Eddie (Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine), who help him to realize that Jill dropped multiple hints about the opera fundraiser. Jill talks to Wilson (Earl Hindman) and realizes she never directly told Tim they were going to the opera. In the end, Tim and Jill compromise, first going to the fundraiser and then hanging out at a bar with Hick and Eddie.

Unchained Malady

Season One, Episode Nineteen

Unchained Malady (1992) | Home Improvement

Al Borland (Richard Karn) sends Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) a chain letter, which Tim throws away -- against Jill's (Patricia Richardson) recommendation. Soon, bad luck begins to befall Tim: He dyes his hands green and gets a black eye in a friendly boxing match with Jill. Fearing that he's been cursed by the letter, Tim begins to take superstituous measures in hopes of restoring his luck. Eventually, Jill convinces Tim that he's not cursed -- just naturally clumsy and accident-prone. George Foreman guest stars as himself, appearing on "Tool Time" to talk about food and demolish a staircase.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Season One, Episode Eighteen

Baby, It's Cold Outside (1992) | Home Improvement

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) has planned a romantic Valentine's Day getaway with Jill (Patricia Richardson), but Mr. Binford (Noble Willingham) throws him a curveball when he insists that Tim take his family camping that weekend instead to promote Binford's new line of camping equipment. Tim's incompetence and the poor quality of Binford's supplies cause tension between Tim and Jill, but after some unexpected advice from Wilson (Earl Hindman), both Tim and Jill resolve to make the best of the camping trip and enjoy their family time. Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) is self-conscious about the valentine he got for Jenny Sudarsky (Jessica Wesson), but creates a much better one with some help from Tim and Jill.

What About Bob?

Season One, Episode Seventeen

What About Bob? (1992) | Home Improvement

Mr. Binford (Noble Willingham) visits the set of "Tool Time" to inform Tim (Tim Allen) and Al Borland (Richard Karn) that he has booked a special guest - the one and only Bob Vila - to appear on the next episode for a friendly "Stump the Toolman" trivia competition. Threatened by this, Tim scurries home to study with Jill in order to beat Bob the next day. However, when the time comes, Bob being the consummate, knowledgable professional that he is, bests Tim on every question. Tim's disdain is tangible, so when he accidentally clocks Bob in the back of the head with a 4x8, his intentions are in question.   When Jill (Patricia Richardson) finds out that Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) was picking on a classmate, she invites the boy over to put things right - only to discover that he's every bit as abrasive and unbearable as Randy says.

Jill's Birthday

Season One, Episode Sixteen

Jill's Birthday (1992) | Home Improvement

It's Jill's birthday, and Tim has forgotten. Not only that, but he has an awful track record when it comes to getting her gifts. This year, she pleas for him to get her something that she doesn't have to plug in. (This comes back to bite her in the ass after the boys get her a repugnant perfume, and a lot of it.) After a few failed attempts, and some advice from Wilson, Tim finally searches his heart and finds her the perfect gift.   On "Tool Time," Tim inadvertantly backs a pickup truck into a house that they're in the process of remodeling. Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) steal Mark's (Taran Noah Smith) money to buy Jill a bottle of pungent perfume called "Treasure Island."

Forever Jung

Season One, Episode Fifteen

Home Improvement | Forever Jung

When Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) gets home from a trip to the hardware store, he's targeted for mockery by Jill's (Patricia Richardson) outspoken feminst friend Karen (Betsy Randle). She suggests that Tim's tool fixation is because he's "compensating for something", and that Tim's style of masculinity is the source of all the world's strife and violence. Wilson (Earl Hindman) counters to Tim that ancient societies ruled by women were no less violent, and Tim's takeaway is that men and women must learn to work together despite their differences. On "Tool Time," Tim accidentally glues a section of table to his forehead. Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) attends Jenny Sudarsky's (Jessica Wesson, in her first appearance) parents' anniversary party.

For Whom The Belch Tolls

Season One, Episode Fourteen

Home Improvement | For Whom the Belch Tolls

Tim receives a phone call from one of his old, rowdy college roommates, Stu Cutler (Christopher McDonald), who happens to be in town. It's been many years since they've seen each other, and Jill isn't too keen to see the relationship rehashed as Stu drinks and belches and acts like an oversized frat boy. Initially, Tim is quick to wax nostalgic, but soon recognizes that things aren't how they once were. Stu still crushes beer cans on his head, plays Doo-Wah-Ditty in the tune of armpit farts, and reminisces about the "good ol' days". Jill asks Tim some tough questions about what he really gets out of his friendship with Stu. With some input from Wilson (Earl Hindman), Tim and Stu have a tough but heartfelt conversation about the state of their friendship now that they're adults. He tries to convince Tim to go skip out on family night and go out to a bar, but Tim is content with what his life has become. Through the support of Jill and wisdom of Wilson, Tim realizes that it's time to let this friendship go.

Up Your Alley

Season One, Episode Thirteen

Home Improvement | Up Your Alley

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) takes Jill (Patricia Richardson), Mark (Taran Noah Smith), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) to the bowling alley for a night of family bonding. Thanks to his big mouth, Tim and Jill's match grows more and more competitive - and the stakes for Tim's ego only rise when his fans from K&B Construction show up to watch the fun. In the bowling alley arcade, Brad and Randy square off against a bully who refuses to let them play one of the games. After trying -- and failing -- to fight the bully, the boys instead exact revenge with a set of handcuffs and two cans of silly string.

Yule Better Watch Out

Season One, Episode Twelve

Home Improvement | Yule Better Watch Out

In this Christmas episode, Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) tell Mark (Taran Noah Smith) that Santa died several years ago. When Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) and Jill (Patricia Richardson) set Mark straight, he begins asking difficult questions about the existence of Santa Claus. Tim and Jill are torn between lying to their son or ruining Christmas for him - until Santa himself (Earl Hindman) stops by to give Mark the toy he wanted. At the same time, Tim competes with his neighbor Doc Johnson in the neighborhood's annual Christmas decoration contest with disastrous results, including a visit from the fire department, while Brad and Randy play bit parts in the Christmas pageant.

Look Who's Not Talking

Season One, Episode Eleven

Home Improvement | Look Whose Not Talking

Jill Taylor (Patricia Richardson) has to give a speech to her volunteer group at the library - but owing to her fear of public speaking, she's willing to do anything to avoid working on her speech. Tim (Tim Allen) does his best to keep her focused while putting Mark (Taran Noah Smith), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) to work cleaning the house. Eventually, Tim and Mark dress up as women to help Jill rehearse by dressing up in her clothes, and simulating the all-female audience at her volunteer group.

Reach Out and Teach Someone

Season One, Episode Ten

Home Improvement | Reach Out and Teach Someone

When Jill (Patricia Richardson) damages a screwdriver trying to fix a broken sink, Tim (Tim Allen) endeavors to teach her about plumbing -- but he can't control his frustration at his wife's ignorance of home improvement basics. After learning about "metamessaging" from Wilson (Earl Hindman), Tim hosts a special Tool Time episode for an all-female audience, inviting three women from the audience to participate (Janet Du'Bois, Jennifer Nash)  -- including Jill -- where he apologizes for his know-it-all nature about tools. Meanwhile, Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) struggles with his self-esteem after Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) mocks him for getting a low score on a test.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Season One, Episode Nine

Home Improvement | Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) manages to persuade Jill (Patricia Richardson) to let him remodel their bathroom with a luxurious jacuzzi tub paid for by Binford with the caveat that it will be a two-part episode of "Tool Time". When the installation winds up taking 18 days and throwing the whole house into disarray, Jill takes the boys to a hotel. Wilson (Earl Hindman) helps Tim understand that he embarks on huge construction projects out of an ingrained male desire to create, which Tim incorporates into his apology. Meanwhile, Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) anxiously fields a call from his crush, Jenny Sudarsky, with a little help from Tim.

Flying Sauces

Season One, Episode Eight

Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) convince Mark (Taran Noah Smith) that he's adopted, and that they and everyone else in the family are brain-sucking aliens. When Tim (Tim Allen) and Jill (Patricia Richardson) get wind of the scheme, they decide to scare the boys straight by dressing as aliens and blasting psychedelic rock music. On "Tool Time," we have our first appearance of Dwayne, Pete, and Rock of K&B Construction, who demonstrate for Tim and Al (Richard Karn) how to cook up a quick meal on the job site using construction tools.

Nothing More Than Feelings

Season One, Episode Seven

Nothing More Than Feelings | Home Improvement

Jill Taylor (Patricia Richardson) ignores the oil light in her car and winds up doing some serious damage to the engine. Tim (Tim Allen) is furious, and vents his frustrations live on the air on "Tool Time." In a wide-ranging discussion with audience members Jimbo (Art LaFleur) and Kyle (Ron Taylor), Tim reveals a number of embarrassing facts about Jill - including that she drools in her sleep. Jill is angry and hurt, refusing to forgive Tim for this public airing of their dirty laundry. To set things right, Tim invites Jimbo and Kyle back on the show for a seminar on how to be more responsive to their wives' feelings - which sways Jill and also prompts an unexpectedly tearful moment from Al Boreland (Richard Karn).

Adventures in Fine Dining

Season One, Episode Six

Adventures in Fine Dining | Home Improvement

Mark (Taran Noah Smith), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) have caused such a scene at a pizza parlor that they got the whole family kicked out. Tim (Tim Allen) bets Jill (Patricia Richardson) that he can teach the boys some table manners - and if he fails, he'll have to go to the opera with her for an entire year. Tim struggles to instill some order and discipline with his rambunctuous boys, but to no avail. Finally, Wilson (Earl Hindman) inspires Tim to have the boys chase him around the yard as he carries that night's raw chicken, in an attempt to teach them to respect food and mealtimes as the product of a hunt, as the cavemen once did. By dinner time, the boys are too tuckered out to be rowdy - and Jill lets Tim count this one as a win.

Wild Kingdom

Season One, Episode Five

Wild Kingdom | Home Improvement

When Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) and his sons Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) hear a noise in the basement, he figures it's a mouse. Jill (Patricia Richardson) freaks out at first, but when Wilson (Earl Hindman) suggests it could be a snake, it's Tim's turn to freak out - because Tim is terrified of snakes. Tim tries to play it off like he isn't scared, despite ominous warnings from an exterminator (Stephen Root) who suggests that the snake could be anywhere in the house. Eventually, Tim discovers the snake hiding in a light fixture while Mark's Cub Scout troop is visiting the house. Determined to look tough in front of the boys, particularly one sensitive scout (Adam Wylie), Tim conquers his fears and wrestles the snake into a bag. Or so he thinks - because when he's not looking, the snake emerges from the wall and crawls into his shirt!

Satellite On A Hot Tim's Roof

Season One, Episode Four

Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof | Home Improvement

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) is trying to install a satellite dish on his roof while Jill (Patricia Richardson) has a meeting with Rondall Kittleman (Sam McMurray), an instructor from her job search seminar who wants to help her with her resume. Tim is suspicious that Rondall is trying to seduce Jill, but she insists he's being paranoid. Throughout the afternoon, Rondall helps Jill with her resume while taunting Tim, who attempts to spy on them from the roof. Jill is frustrated - until Rondall makes a pass at her, proving Tim right. She kicks him out and shares a kiss with Tim, still dangling off the roof on several ropes.

Off Sides

Season One, Episode Three

Off Sides | Home Improvement

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) wants nothing more than to watch the big Detroit Lions game on TV, but he's made plans to take Jill (Patricia Richardson) out to a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Throughout the dinner, Tim is more interested in following the game - either with a transistor radio or on TV in the restaurant's kitchen - than he is in talking to his wife. He's even egged on by another enthusiastic patron (John Marshall Jones), who cannot control his urges as much as Tim. Because Tim forgot to hire a babysitter, Mark (Taran Noah Smith), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) have been left in the care of Sir Larry Houdini (Eric Christmas), an incompetent magician who locks himself in a box by accident. Tim and Jill return from dinner and set about trying to free Sir Larry, and Tim - thanks to some advice from Wilson (Earl Hindman) - apologizes to Jill and promises to try and break his addiction to sports.

Mow Better Blues

Season One, Episode Two

Mow Better Blues | Home Improvement

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) and his youngest son Mark (Taran Noah Smith) are at work adding "more power" to Tim's riding lawnmower. While Tim is out of the room, Mark accidentally breaks his father's prized torque wrench. Knowing how protective Tim is of his tools, Mark hides it in the drier. When Mark confesses this to his brothers Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) and Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), the boys regretfully inform him that this means his parents will soon exchange him for a new son. Mark hides up a tree in the backyard, but Tim eventually finds him with some help from Wilson (Earl Hindman). Mark confesses, and with some heartfelt grunting, Tim accepts. Later, Tim finally tests out the supercharged lawnmower - which promptly goes out of control and runs him over.


Season One, Episode One

Pilot | Home Improvement

In the inaugural episode of Home Improvement, we meet masculine cable TV handyman Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) as he struggles to balance his popular show "Tool Time" with his his rambunctuous nuclear family. Tim's wife, Jill Taylor (Patricia Richardson), is on her way to a job interview and asks Tim to keep an eye on their boys Mark (Taran Noah Smith), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) while she's gone. She also makes Tim promise not to try and upgrade the dishwasher with "more power" - a regular habit of his that often has disastrous results. Instead, Tim tricks out the dishwasher with the Blastmaster Compressor, which Jill discovers when the dishwasher blasts a dinner plate across the room. She's furious at Tim for disobeying her - and her day doesn't get any better when she learns she didn't get the job. After some sage advice from his wise neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman), Tim apologizes to Jill during the next day's episode of "Tool Time." Jill accepts his apology... And then locks him in the garage naked while she has a repairman install a new dishwasher.