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For Whom The Belch TollsSeason One, Episode Fourteen

Home Improvement | For Whom the Belch Tolls

For Whom The Belch Tolls

On This Episode of Home Improvement…

Tim receives a phone call from one of his old college roommates, Stu, who happens to be in town. It’s been many years since they’ve seen each other, and Jill isn’t too keen to see the relationship rehashed. Initially, Tim is quick to wax nostalgic, but soon recognizes that things aren’t how they once were. Stu still crushes beer cans on his head, plays Doo-Wah-Ditty in the tune of armpit farts, and reminisces about the “good ol’ days”. He tries to convince Tim to go skip out on family night and go out to a bar, but Tim is content with what his life has become. Through the support of Jill and wisdom of Wilson, Tim realizes that it’s time to let this friendship go.

On a “very special” episode of Grunt Work…

Truman and Landen take things way too seriously, and go through a bit of an existential crisis as they deal with their feelings (fair warning!) On Home Improvement, Tim’s college roommate shows up to crush beer cans, and reminisce, while Tim realizes the importance of growing up and letting go.

Episode Cast

Christopher McDonaldChristopher McDonald
Earl Hindman | Home ImprovementEarl Hindman
Jonathan Taylor ThomasJonathan Taylor Thomas
Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson
Patricia RichardsonPatricia Richardson
Richard Karn | Home ImprovementRichard Karn
Taran Noah SmithTaran Noah Smith
Tim AllenTim Allen
Zachery Ty Bryan | Home ImprovementZachery Ty Bryan

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