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Haunting of Taylor HouseSeason Two, Episode Six

Haunting of Taylor House (1992) | Home Improvement

Haunting of Taylor House

It’s Halloween, the Taylor’s favorite holiday! This year, they are hosting a costume party for Brad and his friends, and everybody is pitching in. Brad, however, is rueful that he agreed to dress as Raggedy Andy to match the costume of Jenny Sudarsky as Raggedy Ann. However, once the party starts, Jenny arrives with Danny, another boy from school, and a bit of an asshole, both dressed as bikers. Embarrassed and angry, Brad storms outside to stew. With the help of Tim, Brad decides to talk to Jenny, and make up.

Later, Jill guides the kids through a tour of the haunted basement, where Tim, Al, and Wilson exact their revenge on Danny.

Episode Cast

Aaron Freeman | Home ImprovementAaron Freeman
Earl Hindman | Home ImprovementEarl Hindman
Jessica Wesson
Jonathan Taylor ThomasJonathan Taylor Thomas
Patricia RichardsonPatricia Richardson
Richard Karn | Home ImprovementRichard Karn
Rider StrongRider Strong
Taran Noah SmithTaran Noah Smith
Tim AllenTim Allen
Zachery Ty Bryan | Home ImprovementZachery Ty Bryan

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