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Man of the HouseSeason 4, Episode 26

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Man of the House

Ben (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is the child of divorce. His father left his mother Sandy (Farrah Fawcett) for his secretary, and left some emotional scars in his wake. So, when Sandy decides to get remarried to her new boyfriend Jack (Chevy Chase), Ben decides he must lose him, and quick. To do this, Ben enroll himself and Jack into a father-son-bonding group in hopes that the lameness scares Jack off for good.

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This week on Grunt Work: Nights (our Patreon exclusive supplemental show) Landen surprises Truman by getting a head start on recording, and then they discuss surprises; the concept of surprises, surprise birthdays, bad surprises, and surprises that make us a little uncomfortable. But surprise! There are no surprises in this episode.

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