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Season One Super Spectacular!

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Season One Super Spectacular!

On This Episode of Grunt Work…

It’s the Season One Super Spectacular!

Two-and-a-half hours of Truman and Landen, and Tim and Jill, and Brad and Randy, and Wilson and Al. The Super Spectacular contains such special segments as:

  • A Brief History of Home Improvement
  • Truman and Landen’s Favorites
  • Season One MVP
  • Fan Theories
  • Shoutouts
  • And, of course, the cumulative Season One Grunt Count is revealed!

And more!

Listening Improvement

Here are a few fun items to help improve your listening experience:

Critics Reviews
Geoffrey Nelson’s Space Jam Theme Titles

Geoffrey Nelson does the pseudo-mixed media opening title sequence for Home Improvement. He also did the opening titles for the 1996 Bugs Bunny/Michael Jordan vehicle Space Jam.

Episode Cast

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