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Season Two Super Spectacular! (Part I)

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Season Two Super Spectacular! (Part I)

Well, Gruntheads, it’s been a crazy, wild, and long season two, but here we are at the end! Crack open the bubbly, we’re celebrating the last season of Grunt Work and Home Improvement with the first part of our end-of-the-season Super Spectacular!

In this episode we brainstorm plans for a Home Improvement theme park ride, mention the “More Power!” Thor moment from Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, Truman reveals his current line-up of XCOM soldiers which he has made in the image of your favorite characters from Home Improvement, and discuss what it would be like to watch an entire episode of Tool Time.

We also cover the end-of-the-season Grunt Count, go over some production tidbits from season two, and have a very robust, albeit problematic final visit to Pam’s Corner where we have a Star and Star Struck book club meeting.

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