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Some Like It Hot RodSeason 4, Episode 11

Some Like It Hot Rod (1994) | Home Improvement

Some Like It Hot Rod

Jill Taylor (Patricia Richardson) is hard at work producing the fourth grade Christmas pageant – and she’s getting absolutely no help from the boys, who have a hockey game, or Tim (Tim Allen), who runs out the door to a party at the auto body shop. When she moves Tim’s hot rod out of the garage so she can paint sets for the pageant, she forgets to put a cover over it – and as a result, the car gets filled with snow when a freak blizzard hits. When Tim finds the damage to the car, he’s furious at Jill, who refuses to apologize because Tim does this sort of thing to her all the time and she’s always understanding. Tim and Al (Richard Karn) work around the clock to try and restore the car before an upcoming photoshoot for a hot rod magazine, while Jill learns from Wilson (Earl Hindman) that she just screwed up and needs to say sorry. When Tim and Al fall asleep on the couch, Jill finishes restoring the car to peak condition – and tells Tim she’s sorry she screwed up.

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