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Stereo-TypicalSeason One, Episode Twenty-Four

Stereo-Typical (1992) | Home Improvement


On This Episode of Home Improvement…

Tim wrecks the household stereo, and gets excited at the prospect of buying a new one, but Jill sets out some caveats. Of course, when he buys one, he immediately gives it more power. To demonstrate to Jill the beauty of his new creation, he tempts her with some opera music, but the stereo goes awry and the volume shatters all of the glass in the house.

Meanwhile, on Tool Time, a musical saw performance inspires the K&B Construction guys to listen their tools, and find a musical use for them, culminating in a grandiose finale performance to end our season.

On This Episode of Grunt Work…

Truman and Landen get real prickly right off the bat, ruminate on the big season finale, discuss the lack of logic behind the Taylor’s home insurance, and lament the ham-fisted highlight reel at the end of the episode.

Episode Cast

Casey Sander
Earl Hindman | Home ImprovementEarl Hindman
Gary McGurk
Jonathan Taylor ThomasJonathan Taylor Thomas
Mickey Jones
Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson
Patricia RichardsonPatricia Richardson
Richard Karn | Home ImprovementRichard Karn
Taran Noah SmithTaran Noah Smith
Tim AllenTim Allen
Zachery Ty Bryan | Home ImprovementZachery Ty Bryan

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