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The LookSeason 5, Episode 7

The Look (1995) | Home Improvement

The Look

When Bud Harper offers Tim the chance to buy season tickets to the Pistons, he can’t pass up the chance, even though it means laying down $4,000 without consulting Jill. This, understandably, upsets Jill who suddenly transforms into the fabled unreasoning housewife monster who is capable of turning a man to liquid with a single look.

Tim survives this initial beastial encounter and regales the tale to the guys at the hardware store, who rally behind him as the knight that can slay the unreasoning housewife monster for the good of all men across the land of Manville.

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This week on Grunt Work: Nights (our Patreon exclusive supplemental show) Truman and Landen discuss expectations vs. reality. In true to their fashion, Landen discusses the existential terror of a midlife crisis while Truman saves us all with lighter story about the disillusionment over a botched banquet dinner.

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