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The Route of All EvilSeason 4, Episode 13

The Route of All Evil (1995) | Home Improvement

The Route of All Evil

When Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) has the opportunity to take on a paper route, Jill (Patricia Richardson) is worried that he’s taking on too many responsibilities – but Tim (Tim Allen) is excited for his son to take a step into the professional world. Before long, Brad is worn down and exhausted by school, sports, band and his route – but with Tim pressuring him to stick with the paper route, he opts to cope by hiring Mark and Randy (Taran Noah Smith and Jonathan Taylor Thomas) to do his homework and clean his room. When Tim figures out what’s going on, Wilson (Earl Hindman) helps him to realize that he doesn’t need to push Brad so hard to succeed, and he gives Brad permission to quit the paper route to focus on school. Meanwhile, Jill is busy studying for a psychology exam, so Marie starts cooking dinner for the family – much to Tim and the boys’ delight.

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