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What About Bob?Season One, Episode Seventeen

What About Bob? (1992) | Home Improvement

What About Bob?

On This Episode of Home Improvement…

Mr. Binford visits the set of Tool Time to inform Tim and Al that he has booked a special guest – the one and only Bob Vila – to appear on the next episode for a friendly trivia competition. Threatened by this, Tim scurries home to study with Jill in order to beat Bob the next day. However, when the time comes, Bob being the consummate, knowledgable professional that he is, bests Tim on every question. Tim’s disdain is tangible, so when he accidentally clocks Bob in the back of the head with a 4×8, his intentions are in question.

Meanwhile, Randy is in trouble for stripping the shoes off an annoying neighborhood kid and filling them with Cheez Whiz. As penance, Jill forces Randy to invite him over to apologize and join them for dinner.

On This Black Mirror-y Episode of Grunt Work…

The origins of Grunt Work are revealed! Truman and Landen take about the inception of the podcast stemming from an episode of Black Mirror, briefly explore Bob Vila’s legacy, and really have a lot to apologize for to Germans. All of the Germans.

Episode Cast

Aaron Freeman | Home ImprovementAaron Freeman
Bob Vila | Home ImprovementBob Vila
Earl Hindman | Home ImprovementEarl Hindman
Jonathan Taylor ThomasJonathan Taylor Thomas
Noble Willingham | Home ImprovementNoble Willingham
Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson
Patricia RichardsonPatricia Richardson
Richard Karn | Home ImprovementRichard Karn
Taran Noah SmithTaran Noah Smith
Tim AllenTim Allen
Zachery Ty Bryan | Home ImprovementZachery Ty Bryan

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